Simply Spotless

AQUAPOLE is a family run business; we deliver the highest quality window cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial properties using the hot pure water fed system.

AQUAPOLE is serving our community with high quality equipments to ensure excellent customer service.

Let's keep your environment Simply Spotless

Areas Covered

For residential properties, Sussex and Kent
For industrial and commercial properties, extended area coverage upon request.

Gutter Cleaning

Blocked gutters and downpipes can cause rain water to overflow down walls and cause dampness. AQUAPOLE uses a high-power vacuum gutter clearing machine that can reach up to 10 meter hose and an 80 litre capacity to insure no debris is left in your gutters.

Residential Window Cleaning

AQUAPOLE offers a range of services which include external and internal window cleaning, gutter clearing and cleaning, soffits & fascias, conservatories, roofs, solar panels, moss removal, pressure washing of driveways, patios, paths, walls, decking and any other items or surface you feel, could do with a real freshen up.
AQUAPOLE uses “water fed” poles for most cleaning, safely from the ground. This process uses 100% pure water, guaranteeing a long lasting and streak free window cleaning. The benefits of using the water fed pole system is not only just safety to our staff but is also kind to the environment, and the soft bristled brushes and pure water are gentle and safe for your windows, PVC or metal framed. The brushes can clean all parts of the glass and frames leaving you with SIMPLY SPOTLESS windows.
Our poles extend up to 16 meters which is sufficient to reach the highest buildings in the area. In certain circumstances we use cherry picking equipment.

Commercial Window Cleaning

AQUAPOLE caters for a whole range of contracts across the Commercial sector, from office buildings and blocks, to shops, shopping centres, schools and restaurants, we understand that a good image for the exterior of your building is as important as a good image on the inside.

Hot Water Benefits

AQUAPOLE offers the option of the hot water pole fed system. Hot water is extremely effective as it softens and absorbs dirt, therefore no sticky residue is left on the glass. It is also very effective on frames, cladding, conservatories, gutters and fascias and windows dry faster and stay cleaner for much longer.

Public Liability Insurance

We are fully insured with comprehensive liability coverage to give you peace of mind.

Environmentally Friendly Services

At AQUAPOLE we use environmentally friendly de-ionised which is used within the reach and wash system, which efficiently absorbs the dirt, cleaning the windows, frames, signs and cladding without the need of detergent. When no detergent is used the windows stay cleaner for longer and do not re-spil so easily, leaving you with a cleaner windows for a longer period of time.