A q u a p o l e

Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning

We primarily utilize the water fed pole system, both cold and hot, to conduct most of our cleaning directly from the ground. This method employs 100% pure water, devoid of any undissolved minerals or chemicals, ensuring consistently streak-free window cleaning.


The advantages of the water fed pole system extend beyond just the safety of our team. It’s environmentally friendly, and the combination of soft-bristled brushes with pure water is gentle on all types of windows, be they wooden, PVC, or metal-framed. These brushes effectively clean every part of the glass and frames, resulting in a flawless, spot-free finish, with the water draining away without causing any harm.


Our poles can reach up to 50 feet, typically covering the tallest structures in the vicinity. On specific occasions, we employ cherry picker equipment to ensure total customer satisfaction.