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Roof Wand System

Introducing AQUAPOLE’s state-of-the-art Roof Wand System. This innovative technology stands out not just for its environmental friendliness but also for its all-weather compatibility. Our patented system reaffirms the belief that using pure water is the most secure and efficient method for roof cleaning, all from the safety of the ground. Beyond just removing moss and lichen, it rejuvenates tiles, making your roof appear as good as new. WHY IS ROOF CLEANING ESSENTIAL? Algae, mould, and moss can cause decay, leading to potential leaks that jeopardize your property. Such damage not only results in costly repairs but can also reduce your roof’s lifespan. Opting for regular roof cleaning is a cost-effective alternative to extensive roof replacements.

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  • Our Approach:

  • Leveraging our unique, patented high-pressure Roof Wand equipped with turbo nozzles, we ensure swift and comprehensive cleaning. These nozzles spin rapidly, amplifying the spray’s power and coverage area. The forceful water stream creates a hovering effect, granting the operator precise control to cleanse from the rooftop down to the ground. As we clean, all moss, dirt, and lichen are collected on waterproof sheets, ensuring easy and efficient waste disposal. With the Roof Wand system, we’re proud to offer a holistic house cleaning solution, eliminating the need for expensive access techniques.

  • Protective Finish:

  • Post-cleaning, we apply a non-chemical biocide to shield your roof, ensuring its protection for the years to come.

  • Certification:

    Rest assured, our team is BWCA-certified, ensuring top-tier service.